Poke bowl

What is Poke?

Poke (poh-KAY) is a Polynesian raw appetizer prominently served in Hawaii, traditionally made with marinated raw tuna in a soy based sauce. The word means to slice or cut crosswise into pieces and one of the reasons why all of our ingredients are prepared into pieces so our guests are able to build their own bowl/wrap.

At Pokitrition, we added our own twist to the classic Hawaiian dish, by gaining inspiration from many places and putting it all in a bowl. We have introduced new ingredients to give you delicious new choices and options while at the same time keeping traditional favorites. We wanted to show our exciting creations, as well as welcoming our guests to create their own innovative bowl!

While poke is primarily made with tuna, we have added Scottish Salmon, along with different ingredients including seaweed, sweet onion, brown rice and more. The possibilities are endless, with a variety of bases, sauces, and toppings for you to customize and enjoy!

Since we were already dealing with a hybrid dish, we thought, “why not introduce the first customizable Sushi Burrito in the Phoenix valley!” We decided to call it the Poke Wrap. It is like a delicious hand-held Sushi Roll but BIGGER and BETTER! We knew it was the right time to bring this to Phoenix because of its love for sushi and burritos. Combining the two was definitely the next step to Phoenix becoming a foodie oasis in the Arizona desert.

Poke is a great alternative to sushi without sacrificing quality or freshness, and for a friendlier price.

For those of you who don’t like it raw, we have deliciously cooked shrimp to go with that Poke.

If fish isn’t your thing, we can gladly create a healthy raw vegetarian dish with our variety of ingredients for you.

Let us build your bowl while you enjoy your poke experience. Come grab yourself a poke bowl or wrap today!