chojang for poke

New Sauce: ChoJang

Welcome our newest addition to our menu: ChoJang Sauce.

ChoJang gives a single complex flavor in 3 parts: First, your tongue would notice the sweetness, then the tanginess, and finally the spiciness. It is a traditional Korean sauce that is well known to go with raw fish and rice dishes. Perfect for Poke!

This sauce gives a unique red chili flavor that is spicier than our current Sriracha Aioli sauce. It currently is the spiciest sauce in our menu, and is generally perceived as a sweet and spicy sauce by our rawkstars.

Come and try ChoJang out to add a bit of tangy heat to any of your Poke choosing! You can always ask for it on the side.

Allergy note: This sauce contains Gluten, Soy, Sesame Oil.