Poke Candle

Chandler Turns 3!

Chandler is turning THREEEEE! We want to celebrate!

Starting today March 5th to March 12th, stop by our Chandler location and with each same day receipt, you will receive a FREE Rewind drink with boba, just a short walk within the plaza.

For the past three years, we were able to expand to different cities because of the same support from our followers and it has been truly amazing! Not only that.. you guys gave us the confidence to introduce a new concept along the way: REWIND ICE CREAM + TEA!
So, with all that said, the fun part begins!

To Redeem:
1. You will receive one FREE drink with boba at Rewind, located in the same plaza, show your SAME DAY receipt to the REWIND cashier to redeem the offer that day!
* Must be redeemed on the SAME DATE as the receipt from Pokitrition Chandler location.
2. Pokitrition transaction must be $9.95 or above on receipt to receive the Free REWIND Drink.

Thank you for making our dream become a reality!
Thank you to our new and loyal customers, and to customers who became our friends who we hold dear.
Thank you to our wonderful team (former and current) who we now call family. They led and they conquered, making sure everything is perfect.

We hope you enjoy both our concepts in one day as it is just a short walk!