customer review jessica

Jessica D

Yelp 6/20/2017

Just like all the poke bowl places here but you have your choice of a bowl, wrap, or salad and great choices of mix ins. We each got a wrap. I got mine with tuna and salmon and you get your choice of 2 additional add ins such as seaweed salad or crab salad or spicy crab salad. I got 2 scoops of crab salad to go with my tuna and salmom, and I got avocado, which is a dollar extra but they do not hold back on the amount they give you. Put a few finishing touches on it with masago and green onions and sesame seeds. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was in heaven eating this the whole time and my co worker loved it and already told his friend about it.

Place is small but has adequate seating. Everyone who worked here was so nice and smiled! Make sure you get one of their stamp cards if you plan on going back as much as I do. Can’t wait to come back and turn on more of my co workers to it !

customer review iamonfire

iamonfire 1

Google 6/19/2017

GO THERE IT WILL BE THE BEST POKE DINING EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE. The place is small but not cramped and still is airy and clean. GREAT costumer service. The people there are all energetic and nice. There tea is delicious and they have anther ice cold pre bottled drinks to go with your amazing poke. If you get the poke bowl granted it looks like they don’t give you enough but they have amazing fresh high quality ingredients you can add. They don’t have a big selection but that’s good because you’d be there an hour deciding which extras you can put in. You don’t even need the fish in there to enjoy it but if you go make sure to get the spicy something I forgot the name but it’s spicy and it looks like orange crab or kimchi. YOU ALWAYS LEAVE FULL AND HAPPY!!!! PLEASE GO!!!

Farinaz P

Google 6/27/2017

Pokitrition – Poke Shop is among the new places to dine which promotes eating local and healthy, a good advice. Poke refers to a Hawaiian fish which the pieces are cut into cubes and mixed with other ingredients of the dish as selected from the menu. The menu includes build your own, signature, extras, and soft, cold or hot drinks. The food tastes good and delicious and feels healthy. Everything is prepared while you watch and you can sit and eat there or take out. There are all which is required for the comfort and convenience of the clients. It seems to me that Pokitrition has many fans because that is what I observed today. An enjoyable dining.

Frank B

Yelp 4/17/2017

Ambience: Walking into this restaurant, it the decor is really nice. They have a wooden pallet themed wall throughout. Small space but it’s perfect. I really liked the feel and vibe.

Customer Service: Picture this… a hipster sushi restaurant. That’s the only way I can describe it. All of the employees were happy and smiling. It was my first time there so they explained how it worked and all the ingredients. The tuna is flown in fresh from Hawaii everyday. Just incredible. 2 thumbs up to the management and team.

Food: It’s sushi so it’s pricey. Having said that, the food was absolutely delicious and the sauces they mix in are so tasty. I didn’t want to meal to end. You will not be upset, and do what I did and get a wrap not a bowl. You won’t be disappointed. The sushi was fresh and you can taste it. In mine I had shrimp, tuna, salmon, Sriracha sauce, edamame, seaweed salad, mango, roe, green onion, roasted sesame seeds. Wow. Once again, 2 thumbs up.

customer review Chrissie

Chrissie L

Facebook 5/28/2017

I’ve been to Pokitrition 5 times since a friend told me about it about a month ago. I had a few other favorites that are nearby my house but since discovering this place I don’t hesitate to drive over 25 miles (from Scottsdale) to get there.

I absolutely love the seaweed/rice wrap-which I haven’t seen anywhere else in the valley. Their fish/shrimp is extremely fresh and they have an outstanding selection of toppings. (I love the mango and radish) and their sauces are delicious.

Their fresh made tea is excellent. I’ve had the pineapple and it was really refreshing.

Their service is just the icing on the cake. Everyone is so nice and friendly and you can tell they’re excited to be there and love conversing with the guests.