freshly cut fish

As Fresh As It Gets

We pride ourselves on the sustainability and quality of our fresh fish and ingredients.

We wanted to make our Poke as authentic as possible, so we went straight to Hawaii. The fish we use, is sustainably and hook line caught and shipped via next day air to our shop. With our fresh, never frozen fish; it is simply as fresh as it gets in the Phoenix valley.

Our fish is always sashimi-grade and would never sacrifice quality. Each morning our fish is delivered and cut right inside our tiny shop! While we only serve Ahi Tuna, Salmon and Shrimp of the highest quality, we have no plans to offer additional fish to our menu, we believe in quality over quantity. #qualityoverquantity.

Operating in such a tight space with limited storage, it allows us to focus on freshness. Our limited space doesn’t allow us to keep a large inventory, thus allowing us to receive daily deliveries of fish and ingredients. This level of freshness can’t be boasted by any restaurant much bigger than ours.

Let’s not forget about sustainability, as a local business striving for quality, we wanted to make sure we were working with companies who care about the Earth and how we can expand our time here. We wanted to reduce the impact and risk to protected species, and prevent fish populations from becoming overfished.

So enjoy your Poke fix at Pokitrition and let your mind be at ease as we take care of the quality, freshness and everything in between to make sure you get the best poke possible.

We're so proud to have our fresh Hawaiian fish on menus across the U.S. at restaurants like Pokitrition – Poke Shop!

Posted by Honolulu Fish Company on Tuesday, April 11, 2017