Sushi Burrito, Ahi Poke bowl and wrap

Ahi Poke Bowls & Wraps (Sushi Burritos)

Poke (poh-KAY) is a Polynesian dish prominently served in Hawaii. The word means to slice or cut crosswise into pieces.

Poki (poh-kee) is Pokitrition’s twist to traditional Hawaiian poke where we have taken this island staple + our love for sushi and burritos, deconstructed it and created a fast, casual, vibrant, and deliciously satisfying dining experience.

We are also introducing the Poke Wrap (aka Sushi Burrito) which is a Sushi Roll but bigger and better! We are the first ones offering it in the Phoenix valley so you have to come and try them!

You cannot go wrong with either choice: the bowl or the wrap (aka sushi burrito). We offer a ton of fresh ingredients for both ranging from simple onions to good looking watermelon radishes. Your imagination is the ceiling at our shop. Come in and let our artists create one for you!

The only difference between them is that in the wrap you only have the option for white rice. But you will be amazed how much food it can fit!

Check out what you can add into the bowl and wrap in ourfull poke menu